So uh, I had a really rough day. Had a misunderstanding with a friend ‘cos we’re both emotionally unstable people. When trying to give her advice on how to handle it, I suggested she create a diary. Afterwards, after some thinking (and a really long nap), I decided: Fuck it. Maybe I should follow my own advice too.

And since I’m such a lazy asshole, creating an actual, physical diary was too much effort for me, so I decided to just create a blog instead, which will act as my journal as I occasionally record down my thoughts after a long day if I decide that I need to vent on something.

Not really expecting people to read this blog, or find it, for that matter, and so really all I’m doing right now is talking to myself. Wouldn’t be the first time. And if by some chance somebody actually is reading this, hi. Hope you won’t get offended by my opinions (I am gonna be voicing them really strongly). If you do, well, I’m sure there’s a ton of other better blogs you could be reading.


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